Tested For Performance

La Cantina takes pride in the rigorous testing they conduct on all products during the design and development phase.  They have created scientifically sound tests that push the limits to the extreme on all new designs and innovations.

They develop and engineer tests to measure product performance in every category.  They often set new industry-wide standards in these areas. They even produce products impact rated for High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

La Cantina doors will only proceed in manufacturing products that pass their vigorous testing process.  So when we install La Cantina Doors for customers building new homes, or customers who are remodeling and upgrading their current home, we are absolutely confident in their products.  We know they are structurally solid, sound, safe and durable.

Energy Efficient Doors & Green Conscious

LaCantina doors are eco friendly and energy efficient. Their products perform with high marks in the tests and rating systems of the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council).  La Cantina Doors is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.  They go out of their way to adhere to green friendly practices at every stage of their product design, development, manufacturing, and even shipping. They use such things as energy efficient NFRC rated glass.  They utilize shipping techniques that rely on replenishable, sustainable resources such as recycled packaging.

Make a Statement of Luxury

Another reason we feature La Cantina Doors is for their incomparable aesthetic value.  Their engineers know how to pay attention to beauty! Our customers notice, as La Cantina Doors are a popular choice with a history of consistency in all these areas.  Clean lines, crisp movement, instant space transformation, and easy to deploy, what more can be desired?

Opening Up Spaces and Redefining Distinctive Living Spaces

They are dedicated and committed to providing products that open up living spaces.  If you are looking for just the right way to blur the line between outdoor and indoor living experiences, look no further than La Cantina Doors.  Incorporating pleasant weather from outdoor spring days has never been so readily available. When you want a dose of healthy refreshment simply open your large area La Cantina Doors.  When you want to invite inside your home the refreshing breezes of a sunny day to sweep the corners clean and fresh, you’ll find La Cantina Doors readily, easily manipulated – time after time, after time!

Products For Your Bottom Line and Protecting American Jobs

In addition to making products for standard doorway needs, they manufacture a full line of Multi-slide doors, swing doors, and folding door systems.  And, they can make systems to order, for custom sizes and shapes.

In a time when so many companies are outsourcing their workforce to other countries, La Cantina Doors is manufacturing right here in Oceanside, Ca. in the good old U.S.A.

Give us a call or fill out our convenient online form to get a quote to bring the outdoors in with LaCantina Doors!