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A Company with An attitude

Commitment, Commitment, Commitment.

La Tour Builders Inc has grown steadily through the years by positive word of mouth. Clients appreciate company's reliability, flexibility, professionalism and most importantly ability to provide a turnkey solution for a truly hassle-free experience. La Tour Builders Inc. is an approved contractor by IRVINE COMPANY and Authorized Dealer & Installer for LaCANTINA Doors.

Thank you for Choosing La Tour for your next home or business projects!

It was a lovely opportunity for the first time in my whole career to stand up and thank people who are really responsible for me getting to realize my dreams.”

Special thank to Mark Rinaldi

In 1986, it was a school requirement to find internship with a company in our trade. I was able to work with RINALDI STRUCTAL, a market leader in France, that was a huge accomplishment for me. I debuted the professional market working with many experienced glaziers and  successful leaders who motivated me even more in glazing trade. Once school was completed, I was hired immediately and very proud of my accomplishments with Rinaldi of a young age, and my great career started there.  

4 monster projects during my time at RINALDI STRUCTAL :

From left to right:

1) European Parliament in Strasbourg- France

2) Telic Alcatel in Illkirch-Graffenstaden - France

3) Hotel du Department in Strasbourg- France

4) Pôle Universitaire - Illkirch-Graffenstaden - France

Our Story​​

Kamran Aminloo, the founder, started his career as apprentice in France in 1986 and became a Journeyman after only a year. His hard-working and positive attitude took him to higher levels very fast, from Job foreman to Job captain working with some of the giant contractors in Europe such as Rinaldi Structual and Wehr Glass. Kamran's Project portfolio include important large projects such as:

- European Parliament - Strasbourg/France (Glass & Glazing)

- Telia Alcatel- Strasbourg/France (Glass & Glazing)

- Hotel Du Department Strasbourg/France (Glass & Glazing)

- ISS - Strasbourg/France (Glass & Glazing)

- Pole University - Illkirch-Graffenstaden/France (Glass & Glazing)

- Hummanity Palace- Strasbourg/France (Glass & Glazing)

- Hotel Novotel - Paris/France (Glass & Glazing)

- Electricity de Strasbourg (Glass & Glazing)

- Euralile shopping Mall- Lille/France (Glass & Glazing)

In 1994, Kamran Aminloo moved to United States and got involved with large American contractors such as Woodbridge Glass, Walter & Wolf, Hale Glass and Model Glass. Based in Southern California, some of his important projects were:  

- Medical Center, Beverly Hills, CA (Glass & Glazing)

-  Campus Towers, Irvine, CA (Glass & Glazing)

-  Wachovia Bank Tower, Irvine, CA (Glass & Glazing)

-  LAX Airport, Lighted LAX columns at the Airport Entrance

-  LAPD (Glass & Glazing)

-  Jaguar Santa Ana (Glass & Glazing)

-  Fletcher Jones Motorcars- Newport Beach (Glass & Glazing)

- UCI- Irvine (Glass & Glazing)

Finally in January 2005, after 21 years of being involved in variety of commercial constructions as Job captain and Project manager, Kamran Aminloo founded Eiffel Constructions Inc and later called La Tour Builders Inc. In a short time, he was able to complete many small and large sized projects among these were:

- Commercial Center, Rancho Cucamonga, CA (Glazing) & (TI)

- 92nd Street building, Los Angeles, CA (Glass & Glazing)

- Verizon Wireless Retail Store, Irvine, CA (TI)

- Verizon Wireless Retail Store, El Monte, CA (TI)

- Verizon Wireless Retail Store, San Diego, CA (TI)

- Verizon Wireless Retail Store, Fairfax, CA (TI)

- Verizon Wireless Retail Store, San Clemente, CA (TI)

- Del Taco Restaurant, El Monte, CA (TI)

- UMEX building, Lynwood, CA (TI)

And many more project since.