If you are purchasing a large folding, moving, or swinging patio door system, you might be questioning how you can screen such a big opening. The very best option for screening an oversized door safeguarding your home from irritating bugs and other unwanted particles is a retractable accordion screen system. These accordion screens differ from any other and will be a valuable addition to your door system. Read below to have all your retractable accordion screen concerns responded to.
How Do Retractable Accordion Screens Work?
Many people question how these ingenious screen systems work– retractable accordion screens are simple to run and move open and close flawlessly. When in use, the screen expands and covers the whole opening. Made with fine mesh, the screen safeguards your house without hindering the expansive view of the exterior. When not in use, the screen withdraws into a narrow section at the edge of your door system and is nearly unnoticeable.

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Are Retractable Accordion Screens Visible When Not in Use?
Retractable accordion screens are slightly visible when pulled back, nevertheless, they condense into a narrow section that is just a few inches wide. If you would rather your screen system be completely out of sight, you can select to have it stole inside the door jamb. When screens are stolen, whatever is completely tucked away out of view, but the screen’s pull handle is easily accessed at the pocket’s edge.

How Are Retractable Accordion Screens Installed?
AG Millworks is the only producer that installs your retractable accordion screen in the factory. Screens are completely integrated into your door jamb by expert installers, removing the possibility of erroneous installation and ensuring a completely functioning screen system. Screen installation is complicated and needs precision, so contractors and door installers prefer the AG Millworks built-in screen alternative to guarantee speed and accuracy when installing your door system.
How Huge Can Retractable Accordion Screens Be?
Retractable accordion screens are readily available for openings as wide as 32′ and as tall as 10’6″. This width is possible by using 2 16′ screens that connect at the center. If you prefer the look of two screens meeting at the center, you can select to utilize this setup for smaller sized openings as well.
Can Retractable Accordion Screens Be Paired with Any Door System?
Retractable accordion screens can be paired with any door system, as long as it does not exceed the optimum measurements of 32′ large and 10’6″ high. Accordion screens are compatible with single French swing doors, double French swing doors, bi-fold doors, multi-slide doors, and lift and slide doors.

Are Retractable Accordion Screens Easy to Preserve?
Accordion screens are low upkeep. The screen tracks should be kept devoid of debris and the mesh ought to be dusted to get rid of dirt and dust accumulation. You can easily clean up the track with a low-suction vacuum with a soft brush accessory. Please see our Door Care Guide for full-screen upkeep information.

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