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In this post, you will learn:

  1. The distinctions between framed and frameless glass railings
  2. Are they safe for stairs?
  3. 5 reasons to set up glass railing systems


Remodeling your home with them is a gorgeous method to add value, class, and luxury to your property.

A sensational addition to decks, terraces, patios, and outdoor patio areas– glass railing systems are an excellent choice for indoor staircases also!

Sadly, there is a common misconception that glass railings might not be the safest option to set up. Nevertheless, this is really rather far from the fact.

While glass railings are elegant and sophisticated, they are anything but fragile!

In fact, they are actually the best products for railing systems as they are extremely long-lasting, low-maintenance and do not need any upkeep!

At Stouffville Glass, we encourage our customers to understand the distinctions, functions and security advantages of their railing choices before purchasing.

Whether you are looking to update your house with beautiful indoor glass staircases or view-enhancing glass deck railings– we are here to assist you to make the most educated choices possible.


While there are lots of advantages to utilizing glass railings, each type offers a special set of strengths and weak points.

With the ability to suit any design of the house and/or exterior living space, let’s take a look at the differences in between framed and frameless glass railing choices:


Framed glass railings are the most common alternative for railing systems.

As the clear glass panels are kept in location by a frame, this choice offers a combination of contemporary aesthetics and increased safety.

Frames are readily available in a range of alternatives ranging from metal to maintenance-free aluminum.

With a sturdy leading rail, these systems are an excellent choice for staircases as they offer guests a safe and comfortable experience.

While they might likewise be commonly utilized for wooden decks or protecting pool areas, the leading rail feature may block a few of your picturesque outside landscape.

If you are looking to take pleasure in an obstruction-free view from your deck, the framed glass railing system may not be the right suitable for you.


For homeowners that are aiming to take advantage of their view, frameless glass railings are a glamorous first choice.

As these glass deck railing systems are without bordering frames, the seamless integration is best for homes, vacation homes and rooftop balconies.

Generally, industrial properties have taken advantage of frameless glass railings as an advanced touch to restaurants, hotels and apartment complexes.

While many property owners still choose standard metal and wood railing alternatives, those that are trying to find a special wow-factor often enjoy the frameless visual.

In this case, frameless glass railings might not be the very best choice for an indoor staircase as there is no safe location for visitors to put their hands.


The most significant concern that many people have is whether or not a glass railing will have the ability to sustain the weight of consistent use.

However, glass railings are really much safer than traditional railing systems!

As the glass products used are in fact tempered shatterproof glass, these materials are about 4 times stronger than regular glass.

Without the threat of rotting or degrading (like a wooden railing eventually would), the glass option is long-lasting, durable and maintenance-free.

Glass railings in Mission Viejo CA


  1. Modern Aesthetic:

Glass railings provide a streamlined, contemporary appearance to any design of the house.

By brightening up the area with an open idea feel, they motivate a fresh and airy atmosphere.

  1. Home Worth:

Aside from visual appeal, installing a glass railing system will really increase the worth of your home!

As special aesthetics are often regarded as glamorous in reality, renovating to glass railings will actually pay off when you are ready to offer.

  1. Easy to Clean:

As glass railing materials are lasting, the only clean-up and maintenance needed are for dust and the occasional fingerprint.

As glass and frames can not rot or warp, you can feel confident that your glass railing will support your staircase for several years to come!

  1. Personalized Options:

With a range of choices, homeowners are able to not only select the ideal style to fit their homes but for their budget plans also!

While metal frames are often expensive, house owners are likewise given the alternative of aluminum for a more cost-efficient alternative.

  1. Security:

Unlike a wooden railing, there are no posts or openings.

This makes glass railings an exceptional choice to keep kids and small family pets safe from slipping, climbing up or getting their heads stuck.

With a seamless style and resilient tempered glass, setting up a glass railing can provide your household with the security and assurance you are worthy of.

With the added value, safety and aesthetic– these systems make an excellent restoration job for any style of house!